LED screens

Pernavas street 11

The LED screen on Pērnavas Street is the second largest screen in Riga. Its large size and good visibility perfectly transmits information to the traffic flow of Pērnavas Street towards Purvciems and Zemitāna Street traffic towards the city center. The screen is located in the immediate vicinity of a large shopping center Domina, allowing potential buyers to be informed about consumer goods and current offers. The crossing of Pērnavas Street and Zemitāna Street is one of the largest in the city, this intersection is a daily travel route for residents of several Riga neighborhoods. Regular traffic jams during morning and evening hours.
Advertising area 8.00 m x 9.28 m
Time of translation 24h / day
One ad display at least 720 times a day
Recommended Ad Duration 10 seconds

Price per day

120.00 euro

+PVN 21%

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