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We have been placing large-format advertising in the best places in Riga for 19 years. We know the needs of customers and the possibilities of buildings and manufacturers down to the smallest details.

We grow with the development of print technology and the wonders of visual advertising. We care about the image of our urban environment and the effectiveness of every advertisement. We derive pleasure from satisfied customers and a beautiful result of our work.

We have been placing large-format advertising in the best places in Riga for 19 years. We know the needs of customers and the possibilities of buildings and manufacturers down to the smallest details.


Visual Media Group is a company that has existed for 19 years and is engaged in the production, delivery and installation of print materials throughout the Baltic States. Over the years, we have cooperated with the largest Latvian and international companies, providing effective support in the design of shopping places, exhibitions, events, and music festivals.

For 19 years, we have been offering the best environmental advertising solutions in Riga. Since 2014, we have been actively developing a network of modern and attractive digital outdoor advertising solutions.


We provide full service for all our products, we make sure that every one of them, starting with the production of a small business card and ending with the coordination and installation of a giant advertising wall, is realised carefully and on time.

Our experienced specialists pay great attention to the detailed planning of each project, as well as ensure compliance with the highest quality standards to guarantee the successful implementation of projects.


Our team consists of experienced specialists who care about the aesthetic side of customer projects and that they meet the highest quality standards. We always give advice and recommendations to clients on the best technical solution and make sure that the client's idea becomes an eye-pleasing and attractive project.


We are approachable and understanding in communication and help the client to solve any questions quickly and efficiently. Our openness and friendly approach provide the client with a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

We value our customers' time, so we take responsibility for our work and respond quickly to customer requests.

Genuine care

Every Visual Media employee is committed to providing the highest level of service. Paying special attention to quality and customer needs, our team is ready to offer a personal approach to each project, ensuring that each customer receives professional support at all project stages.

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We at Tele2 always try to use innovative solutions both in developing our product and in communications and advertising opportunities. The screens created by Visual Media in Riga have allowed us to continue experimenting with the use of different media, thanks to the quick and responsive cooperation of both parties, the ability to adapt the current communication campaign within a couple of days, and as one of the first to place our advertising on LED screens in Riga, from now on we are actively continuing to use Visual Media advertising network screens and we are satisfied with their technical quality and communication with our media agency in solving challenges and our wishes.

Agris Rencis - Tele2 Mārketinga vadītājs
Agris Rencis
Tele2 Mārketinga vadītājs

Visual Media services include a golden combination - quality products, good prices, fast service and professional project management. The most suitable solutions will also be recommended for non-standard projects.

Jana Meidropa - LPP Lativa Marketinga menedžere
Jana Meidropa
LPP Lativa Marketinga menedžere