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Advertising walls

Impressive size - powerful impact

The media landscape is evolving rapidly, and people's habits are changing with it. TV channels are gradually disappearing, losing their popularity and their capacity to bring together viewers from diverse generations and lifestyles. The audience for newspapers and magazines is aging. Meanwhile, younger consumers are actively using ad-blockers on internet portals. In this dynamic environment, outdoor advertising as the medium that continues to deliver the advantages of mass communication, immune to being switched off, blocked, or skipped.

Digital screens

The most modern outdoor advertising media

Dynamism and speed, visibility and impact - these are the highlights of digital LED screens. Take advantage of the opportunities created by new technologies.

Digital screens on bridges and transmissions

Stratēģiska lokācija pilsētas galvenajās artērijās

Overpasses have always been one of the most sought after outdoor advertising locations in the city. An excellent location, a huge traffic flow, the ability to address and redirect - these are the main values of this advertising channel. Digitization allows this special dislocation to be improved and modernized. By moving to the remote control of advertising, the digital transmission as a place gains the flexibility, power, brightness and price efficiency of the digital screen, while maintaining its characteristic excellent location - right on the busiest highways.

Light boxes on road transmissions

Nozīmīgs ilgtermiņa reklāmas kanāls lokālai atpazīstamībai vai patērētāju plūsmas novirzīšanai

A light box or an environmental banner on an overpass is an excellent advertising location - high intensity traffic flow and very good visibility. An effective form of environmental advertising for conveying a long-term message, diverting the flow of potential consumers and promoting new habits in a specific location.

Pasažieru Vilciens

Ātri, ērti un mūsdienīgi - sasniedz aktīvos Rīgas reģiona iedzīvotājus jaunajos elekrovilcienos.

DCL Digital City Lights

The widest network in Riga

DCL - Small outdoor screens are a new tool in environmental communication. The concept of a wide DCL network creates an excellent channel for information dissemination and the placement of advertising content in the capital city. As the network rapidly develops (with plans to install 250 stands in the most significant locations in Riga), it will be possible not only to reach an extremely broad audience but also to effectively guide consumers to service or product purchase locations.

Advertising Production

From a large-format poster to excellent business card

Our design and production specialists approach the task responsibly and with passion. We offer a full service cycle - coordination, design development, production, assembly. Our services are used by companies of various industries, advertising agencies, store chains, municipalities, etc. Operating principles: individual approach, quality, service and long-term relationships.